Wedding planning is full of either-ors. Whether you are debating which venue is perfect for you or simply cannot decide which dress you feel most beautiful in, each and every decision that you make gets you one step closer to hosting the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of! The season in which you host your big day is no different, choosing the perfect season for your wedding will truly make all the difference.

When it comes to choosing the perfect season to host your wedding in Montana, it is truly all up to your own personal preference! Have you always hoped that you would have bright, bold, and beautiful centerpieces at your wedding? Have you planned for a one-of-a-kind outdoor ceremony surrounded by your friends and loved ones? Or have you even envisioned your wedding day inside, ensuring that Montana’s indecisive weather won’t dampen your wedding day? Ultimately, your wedding will be beautiful no matter which season you choose, but to make your wedding planning process a bit easier check out our list of wedding season pros and cons!

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Spring Weddings in Montana

Spring Weddings in Montana are undeniably gorgeous. From the typical pastel shades of pink, blue, green, and even purple, Springtime in Montana truly allows you to get creative with your wedding decor! Whether you are opting for a glamourous wedding, or prefer a western-inspired rustic celebration, the flexibility of spring weddings truly enables you to make your wedding day individual to you and your fiance.


  • The natural beauty of the season is endless: There is no denying that springtime in Montana is beautiful! From the colorful blooms of spring to the refreshing warm weather, and even the reemergence of the Montana sunshine, there is no denying that this season brings a sense of renewal and pure joy to individuals statewide.
  • Does not coincide with any major holidays: It is always a bummer when you plan your dream wedding, but then have low attendance due to scheduling conflicts. This being said, springtime in Montana does not coincide with any major holidays, and as such, makes it a convenient season for you and your guests to celebrate whole-heartedly!
  • Perfect for soft and light wedding colors: For the brides who have always envisioned a bright, beautiful, and dreamy wedding day, spring may just be perfect for you! Typically featuring an array of soft colors ranging from pink, blue, green, and purple, springtime is the perfect time to host the ethereal wedding you’ve always dreamed about!


  • Unpredictable weather: While springtime in Montana is beautiful, the weather can oftentimes be unpredictable. It may be 60° and sunny one day, and snowing the next. Montana locals often joke about how they will experience all 4 seasons in one day during the spring! Due to the indecisive nature of weather patterns in MT, wedding planning can often be difficult.
  • Venue restrictions due to weather: It is not unlike Montana to be dry one minute, and downpouring the next during the spring. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather in spring, you may experience venue restrictions when planning your wedding. Trust us when we say that nobody wants to be standing outdoors when a spring storm rolls through! As such, you may feel pressured to choose an all indoor space.
  • Allergies: While the fresh blooms of the spring season are surely stunning, many people, unfortunately, struggle with severe pollen allergies. The pollination of trees, grasses, flowers, and weeds will often cause issues for those guests who have spring sensitivities. Keep this in mind when you are planning your spring wedding in Montana!

Summer Weddings in Montana

When it comes to weddings in Montana, many couples decide to host their big day in the summer. There is surely a reason why Summer is the most popular season of the year to tie the knot! With a versatile range of wedding planning options, engaged couples are able to choose the perfect color scheme, venue, and wedding day decor that is sure to make their day truly distinct.


  • Lack of venue restrictions: In Montana, it can be difficult to decide which venue will be best for your big day. Luckily, the summer offers the opportunity to get married at virtually any venue that you are head over heels for. From a rustic barn with outdoor space to a glamorous indoor venue or even a location that is 100% outside, your wedding day options are truly endless!
  • Weather is more reliable: While the weather in Montana can oftentimes be unpredictable, it is typically most mild in the summer. Aside from the occasional evening rainstorm, Montana is known for its warm and sunshine-filled summer days, and as such, makes for the perfect time to host a fun outdoor event!
  • Floral availability: If you have always dreamed about having an array of textured florals at your wedding that will wow your guests, you’re in luck! In the summer, a wide variety of florals are readily available and are in full bloom. With stunning florals such as poppies, dahlias, and even freesias being in season during the summer, you can truly get creative with your wedding bouquets and impactful centerpieces!


  • Fire season in Montana: While the weather is certainly more reliable in the summer, Montana, unfortunately, experiences several fires during the summer months. Due to the increase in fires during this season, it is not unusual for there to be heavy smoke in the air. At times, due to hazardous air conditions, it may not be safe to host your wedding outdoors!
  • Wedding date complications: There is no denying that everybody loves to celebrate in the summertime, this being said, there are several holidays that may throw a wrench into your wedding planning process. When choosing your wedding date, make sure to work around Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day!
  • High temperatures: Montana is known for its warm and oftentimes HOT summers! While some people thrive in hot temperatures, others tend to be heat sensitive. Take this into consideration when you are planning your big day!

Fall Weddings in Montana

When it comes to planning a wedding that stands out from the crowd, fall weddings definitely come to mind. While Montana weddings are stunning in every season, we can’t help but find something particularly magical about a unique autumn celebration. Often featuring a variety of jewel tones, rustic/autumnal details, and seasonally appropriate foliage, fall weddings offer couples the opportunity to branch out and incorporate some out-of-the-box features.


  • Beautiful fall foliage: There is nothing quite as beautiful as the transition from lush green foliage to vibrant shades of crimson red, orange, and yellow! When it comes to planning the perfect fall wedding in Montana, you really don’t have to go overboard with decor. We guarantee that the colorful landscapes of Montana will act as the perfect backdrop for your autumn wedding!
  • Fairly mild weather: Aside from the occasional early snowstorm, the Montana weather is fairly mild. If you’ve always wanted to host an indoor/outdoor wedding that is not overly hot, a fall wedding may be perfect for you!
  • Perfect for moody color schemes: Here at Cheers MT, we have a soft spot for dark and moody color schemes. Not only are dark & moody palettes a super chic option for fall weddings, but they are super achievable! The rich and deep hues that fall is known for offers a sense of romance and emotion – giving each fall celebration a personality of its own.


  • Chance of snow: While fall in Montana is known as a fairly mild season, be aware that the big sky state is known to get some early snowstorms. If snow on the wedding day is a deal-breaker for you – maybe a fall wedding isn’t your vibe!
  • Schedule conflicts: While there are not as many schedule conflicts for fall as there are for summer, there are a few dates that may throw a wrench into your fall wedding planning. Fall is known as the back-to-school season, and hosts one of the busiest days of the year – Halloween! Keep this in mind when choosing a date for your big day.
  • Aesthetic expectations: While the fall season offers a lot of variety in terms of wedding themes and decor, many brides may feel like they are expected to conform to the typical aesthetic of a fall wedding. While we do love a dark and moody wedding, we feel that brides should be able to host a light and airy wedding if that’s what they’ve always envisioned for their big day! Do what makes YOU happy.

Winter Weddings in Montana

While much less common, we totally think that winter weddings and elopements are stunning! If you are worried about the scorching heat of the summer or are even trying to host your dream wedding on a budget, a winter wedding might be your best bet. Trust us when we say that there is nothing quite like the beauty of Montana in the winter. From the mountains blanketed with snow, to the cozy and rustic vibe of the season, we are captivated by festive wintertime ceremonies and celebrations!


  • Vendor availability: Since demand is not as high in the winter, wedding vendors are much more likely to have open dates to accommodate your big day! If you are having trouble pinning down your perfect team of wedding vendors, hosting your event in the winter may allow you to sneak into their books. Woohoo!
  • Endless accessory options: While there is a definite chill in the air, the winter season offers the perfect climate to get creative with accessories. From fur shawls to scarves, or even western-inspired jean jackets, there are an endless amount of accessories that you can pull together to craft a truly unique bridal look!
  • Off-season wedding rates & discounts: For our brides on a budget, winter weddings will be your best friend! Since only around 5% of weddings occur in the winter, many venues will offer off-season wedding rates. With these discounts, brides will have access to dreamy venues at a heavily discounted rate!


  • Cold and unfavorable weather conditions: While wintertime in Montana is undeniably gorgeous, if you are not a fan of the cold weather, this season is definitely not for you! In fact, Montana holds the national record for the coldest temperature reading at about 70 degrees below zero. Brr! This being said, if your heart is set on hosting a winter wedding, choose a cozy indoor venue, and you will be good to go!
  • Less daylight: Another thing to consider when planning your winter wedding, is the number of daylight hours you have available. In late December, due to the winter solstice, Montana sees about 7 hours of daylight. Keep this in mind when planning your outdoor ceremony and bridal photos!
  • Hazardous travel conditions: When planning your dream winter wedding in Montana, take the safety of travel into consideration. Here in the big sky state, we experience an array of hazardous road conditions that often lead to road closures. It is important that you and your guests plan ahead and prepare for ice when traveling! Remember, safety ALWAYS comes first.

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