There is nothing more important than documenting your special day. This being said, it is essential that you hire a photographer that will provide photos in a style that you love!

Each photographer has his/her own editing style, so it is important that you choose a photographer that caters to your unique preferences. You don’t want to be stuck with wedding photos edited in a style that you aren’t obsessed with!

True to Life:

HoneySeed Photo and Film

A photographer with a true-to-life editing style typically edits his/her photos “as the eye sees it”. This editing style showcases the true color and nature of each individual photo, avoiding altering the photos in any unnatural way. Although this editing style is very simple, a true-to-life photo avoids trends. This being said, true to life wedding photos will stand the test of time, and will never go out of style! If you are a simple bride, a photographer with a true-to-life editing style may be the best option for you!


Kelly Kirksey Photography

The next editing style that we would like to feature is vibrant wedding photography. Similar to a true-to-life editing style, vibrant photos avoid significantly altering the colors of an original image, however, the colors in a vibrant photo are much more punchy! Wedding photographers with a vibrant editing style tend to enhance the vibrancy and saturation of their photos, offering a beautiful and bright effect! If you are a bride who likes to keep things simple, yet impactful, consider hiring a photographer with a vibrant editing style!

Light & Airy:

Caitlyn Lane Photography

Light & Airy wedding photography is one of the most popular editing styles in the wedding industry. Wedding photographers with a light & airy style tend to edit their photos with a dream-like touch. These photos typically have a bright focus, avoiding any moodiness or drama. Light & Airy wedding photography focuses on maintaining a soft and feminine feel. If you are a bride who wants to showcase your femininity, a light & airy photography editing style would be perfect for you!


Katie Sue Photography

If you are looking for a more distant wedding photography style, check out any photographers employing a warm editing style! Wedding photographers with this style typically edit their photos by amplifying the warm tones of the image. By increasing saturation and temperature, photographers are able to achieve this unique editing style that instinctively triggers a sense of “warmness” in viewers. If you are a bride who likes to challenge the status quo, a warm editing style is definitely an approach to consider!


Danielle Mullens Photography

Moody wedding photography is one of the most popular wedding photography styles at present. This style of wedding photography is very trendy and favorable, while still being impactful enough to be treasured for a lifetime. Wedding Photographers with a moody editing style tend to focus on incorporating deep tones into their work. These photos are known for provoking emotion, due to their color depth and contrast. If you are looking for a unique photography editing style that will wow all of your guests, moody wedding photography is the way to go!


Tabby Miller Photography

Similar to moody wedding photography, is an earthy/desaturated wedding photography style. This style of wedding photography typically focuses on soft, earthy tones, while simultaneously desaturating the greens in each individual image. Earthy/desaturated wedding photos are very popular due to the unique, rugged feel that each photo communicates. If you are a bride who wants to step outside of the box, this style of photography may be perfect for you!