Finding the perfect wedding photographer is arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding day! Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and you must ensure that you hire a photographer that will deliver beautiful photos that you will cherish forever.  This being said, there is a vast variety of different photography capturing styles that are important to consider. 

Each photographer has his/her own style, so it is important that you choose a photographer that caters to your preferences.  You don’t want to be stuck with wedding photos in a style that you don’t love!


Kelly Kirksey Photography

Many photographers incorporate traditional photography into their galleries.  These photos are simple and to the point.  Often posed, traditional wedding photos typically cover the main events of a wedding including the bridal party, cake cutting, and the first toast!  While they are not overly creative, these photos are timeless and will be cherished for a lifetime! If you are a no-nonsense type of person, traditional wedding photography may just be the perfect style for you! 


Megan Fetters Creative

Fashion Wedding Photography is highly stylized and looks like something that you would see on the cover of a magazine! This style of photography emphasizes the fine details of the wedding, and every capture is artistically posed! If you are the type of bride that intends on being the star of the show, this photography style is for you. At the end of your celebration, we guarantee you will be feeling like a superstar!


Tabby Miller Photography

For those of you who are fun-loving and non-traditional, we would recommend artistic or creative photography!  This style of wedding photography is essentially the opposite of traditional wedding photography and showcases the event through a creative lens! Artistic/creative photographers tend to value images that break through the mold of traditional photography, and incorporate a variety of artistic elements that spice up their captures! If you would describe yourself as a non-traditional bride, this style of wedding photography may be perfect for you!


Amber Renee Photographer

While in Montana, you have to take advantage of the beautiful scenery.  If you are as obsessed with nature as we are, you should consider an adventurous wedding photography style!  While you often have to do a bit more walking to achieve these photos, there is nothing better than a dramatic landscape to add some outdoorsy flair to your wedding photos! Showcase your daring lifestyle with an adventurous wedding photography style and wow your guests!


Kelly Kirksey Photography

While most of the wedding photography styles featured in this blog are posed, candid or photojournalistic photos are not.  A photographer with a candid or photojournalistic style intends to capture those moments that mean the most to the bride and groom.  These moments naturally unfold in front of the camera, and it is simply the photographer’s goal to take advantage of them! If you want photos that capture the true magic of your wedding day, go with a Candid/Photojournalistic wedding photography style!

Editorial/Fine Art:

White Rose Films

Last, but definitely not least, is Editorial/Fine Art wedding photography. In this style of photography, each photo that is taken is deliberate and intentional.  These photos portray a heavy sense of artfulness and are all uniquely stunning.  Editorial/Fine Art photos are skillfully posed, and often emphasize a feeling of drama or emotion. If you are a bride who wants impactful photos, Editorial or Fine Art photography is definitely a style to consider!