There is nothing more beautiful than a timeless type of love. While the wedding day is a huge milestone for any couple, each following moment after is just as important. On February 14, 1998, Scott + Stacie tied the knot in a small chapel in Red Lodge, Montana. This Valentines Day marks 24 years since the Jorgenson’s first said “I do”, and their love and commitment to one another has only grown stronger as each year passes by.

In January 2018, Stacie thought that she would be having dinner with her family at a small local restaurant, however, Scott had much bigger plans for the night. Little did Stacie know that Scott had been tirelessly planning a surprise vow renewal for Stacie, even going as far as designing her a stunning custom diamond ring, incorporating important keepsakes from their original wedding day, and bringing friends and family together to celebrate their strong and committed marriage.

From start to finish, Scott & Stacies intimate vow renewal was full of moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Having been married for 20 years at the time, their vow renewal was the perfect time to stop and count their blessings alongside their loved ones who have been there since the beginning. While each and every vow renewal is special in its own way, we have to admit, this couple’s re-commitment to one another stands out.

As Stacie recounts:

This was a Surprise 20-year vow renewal ceremony. My husband planned the whole thing by himself without my knowledge to celebrate our first 20 years together. First of all, he planned it for a couple of weeks before our actual anniversary so that I would not be suspicious. He picked the venue which was The Commons 1882 in Downtown Billings, in January 2018.  He said we were just going out to eat with the kids but had invited all of our friends. I can’t believe that not only did he keep the secret but all of the kids and our friends did as well! He had made a Playlist of all of our favorite songs that played all night. He planned the dinner menu and had my favorite dessert that you can’t find anywhere, chocolate creme brulee. He made sure that the special champagne glasses that he bought me as a wedding gift were there so we could do our annual anniversary cheers. He designed a custom anniversary ring with two diamonds in it.  He said one diamond was because I’m his lover, and one diamond was because I’m his best friend. He had our best friend, who is a very spiritual man officiate the vow renewal, which was very special.  Scott also wrote the vows, which were so beautiful and sentimental. He cried. I cried. Then everyone cried. But I didn’t know about the celebration so I didn’t have any vows written. Not to worry, he had written comical vows for me since I didn’t have any. We needed some humor after all the tears. Such a beautiful evening to celebrate with my love. Sorry ladies, he’s taken!

Stacie Jorgenson

Not only was their vow renewal officiated by Scott’s best friend of over 30 years, but Scott prepared heartfelt vows to recite to his wife. Not only did he write vows for himself, but he prepared vows for Stacie as well stating “You’re awesome. You’re wonderful. You’re terrific. You’re the best husband ever. I will be yours forever. I love you.” If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that Scott is always the person who loves to bring a touch of humor to everything he does!

Scott spared no detail while organizing this sentimental vow renewal, and was truly able to plan a day that will always be fondly remembered. Cheers to 24 years, Scott + Stacie!