Willow Tree Promise Wedding Cake Topper by Susan Lordi


The Willow Tree Promise Wedding Cake Topper by Susan Lordi is a stunning and heartfelt keepsake for use on your wedding day and for years after. This stunning piece is guaranteed to become a cherished heirloom long after the day you say “I Do”!

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This Willow Tree Promise Wedding Cake Topper, designed by Susan Lordi, stands 6 inches tall with a 3.5-inch base and weighs 11 ounces. It’s meticulously crafted with lead-free materials tested for food safety. The topper features a couple sharing a dance, surrounded by white flowers, symbolizing love and commitment. This classic design reflects Susan Lordi’s renowned artistry and serves as a timeless keepsake to commemorate a wedding day.

Cast from Susan Lordi’s original carving and hand-painted, these intimate Willow Tree sculptures convey comfort, inspiration, and protection. Each piece’s meaning is open to interpretation, making it deeply personal. The Willow Tree Promise Wedding Cake Topper invites couples to reflect on their journey, past experiences, and future challenges, emphasizing the importance of facing them with love and grace. Incorporating this topper into your wedding adds depth and intention to the celebration, capturing the essence of your relationship atop the cake.


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