Willow Tree Around You Cake Topper by Susan Lordi


The Willow Tree Around You Cake Topper by Susan Lordi, a 5.5-inch tall resin figurine weighing 12.5 ounces with a 4.5-inch diameter base, adds a touch of romance to weddings or anniversaries, embodying the artistry of Susan Lordi known for meaningful, open-to-interpretation designs in the Willow Tree collection, brought nationwide through a collaboration with Demdaco.

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Standing at a height of 5.5 inches and weighing 12.5 ounces, with a base measuring 4.5 inches in diameter, the Willow Tree Around You Cake Topper by Susan Lordi is an exquisite resin figurine that adds a touch of romance and charm to any wedding or anniversary celebration.

Designed by the talented artist Susan Lordi, who hails from the United States, this cake topper is part of the beloved Willow Tree collection. Susan is known for her passion in creating meaningful figurines, ornaments, and home accents that infuse warmth into any environment. Her designs are intentionally left open to interpretation, allowing both the giver and recipient to imbue them with a multitude of emotions and sentiments. Collaborating with Demdaco, Susan Lordi’s artistry in Willow Tree figurines has touched every corner of the nation, making them a cherished addition to any special occasion.


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