Huckleberry Jam Wedding Favors


These delicious Huckleberry Jams make exceptional wedding favors! Choose from several custom labels to find a match that is perfect for you. This heavenly huckleberry jam is delivered to you in a decorative 3 or 5 oz. jar, and make for a wedding favor your guests will adore! Huckleberries are unique in the fact that they cannot be commercially grown. This being said, each and every huckleberry used in these jams has been handpicked in the Rocky Mountains!

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  • Made in Kalispell, Montana
  • 3  or 5 oz glass jar
  • Made with real Montana huckleberries

Whether you are a Montana local or are simply a fan of the Big Sky State, we can guarantee you understand how obsessed we all are with huckleberries. No matter where you go, whether it be your grocery store or even a local gift shop, you will find shelves of delicious huckleberry goodies statewide! Huckleberries are unique in that they only grow in very mountainous terrains. In fact, you will most commonly find them around lakes that are 2,000-11,000 feet above sea level. Due to the hard-to-find nature of these unique berries, they are highly sought after, and for good reason. They are absolutely delicious!

Please contact us before placing your order to ensure we have enough stock to supply your wedding! Fill out the form below, or give us a call at (406) 388 7369!

Note: If you order our Huckleberry Jam without specifying which customization options you'd like in the contact form below, you will be shipped our Huckleberry Jam with its basic label!

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3 oz., 5 oz.


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