Custom Engraved Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler by BruMate


Whether you enjoy a cold seltzer on your day off or prefer to sip on a refreshing La Croix, we’ve got you covered with the Custom Engraved Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler by BruMate. With a variety of fun wedding and bridal-inspired engraving designs, you can pick up the perfect drinkware that makes for the ideal wedding or bridal party gift. This product is the world’s first triple-insulated, stainless steel can-cooler designed exclusively for 12oz slim cans. Your Hopsulator ensures every drop is just as cold as the first with zero condensation while Push-Lock™ Technology makes inserting and removing your cans so easy.

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Custom Engraved Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler by BruMate:

  • Holds 12 oz slim cans
  • Cup-holder friendly
  • Dark Aura and Rainbow Titanium go through a marking process instead of an engraving process.

Created with a passion for crafting unique and functional drinkware, BruMate is committed to producing products that are made for adventure. Whether you are hitting the mountains, drinking on the beach, or even heading to the gym to get in a good sweat, BruMate has exactly what you need to stay well-hydrated. Made for any adventure, this unique brand has created the world’s best multi-functional can coolers, multi-purpose mugs, feature-packed coolers, and hydration solutions. BruMate crafts its products with a specific emphasis to be one-of-a-kind and totally worth the investment!

Please visit the Cheers MT Engraving Catalog and pick out a design that you would like. Please insert the Design Code that corresponds with your favorite design (ex. MGC-23) in the special instructions box at checkout. 

*Designs with an asterisk are available for type and/or phrase changes. If no asterisk is shown, designs cannot be altered.

Please specify spelling or date specifications if they pertain to your custom engraving purchase in the same Special Instructions box. (ex. William, June 6, 2020)

If there are any questions or concerns, we will contact you after the order is received. 

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Carrara, Dark Aura, Rainbow Titanium, Walnut


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