Kristy and Dave

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it almost seems that your every thought comes true? That the dream is full of magic that doesn’t seem possible? Well, that’s exactly what it’s like working with Katie! Katie took our dreams and not only made them a reality but did so in less than two weeks. Our time in Montana was spent enjoying each other and our special moment rather than stressing over details that ultimately were not even remotely as important as the lasting vowels we were about to exchange. Katie is kind, compassionate fun, funny and just an absolute joy to be around. Our elopement literally turned out to be a fairytale and one of the most romantic moments if not the most romantic moment of our entire lives. The memories we have from the ceremony that Katie performed will last a lifetime. Katie is flexible and professional yet made us feel like old friends even though we had never met. Katie really does go the extra mile to personalize the entire adventure and truly listened to what was said and what was unsaid to ensure our elopement was perfect. Our photos from Kelly Kirksey were beyond anything we could have wanted or imagined. Katie even ordered some snow flurries for the day! Of course, I jest, however in reality, Katie’s team is just awesome and she will make your day amazing, cherished and memorable We cannot express our gratitude nearly enough. Thank you.