Missoula, MT
Whitney Sarah Schug
Venue Style / Vendor Type

First and foremost, congratulations on your engagement! You did it! You found your partner that you want to spend forever with. They’re your best friend, your partner in life, and you cannot think of a life without them by your side as you go on this adventure known as life. How lucky you both are to have found each other and want to profess your love to all your loved ones by tying the knot! I am so happy for you and want to hear more about what makes your love so special.

Hey there, I’m Whitney! I am a sucker for golden hour lighting, Glacier National Park, flowing dresses in beautiful landscapes, wildflower fields and capturing couples in love. It’s all about the details! From the way you make your partner beam with joy to the way you crinkle your nose when you smile at your partner. The small details that make your love so special. I am here for it all!

The next step is to find out if I am your photographer. Yes, I said YOUR photographer. It is key for you to find a photographer that you click with. Not all photographers are the same and you should enjoy the company of your photographer as we will be your shadows for a day. I want you to pick me because you dig my photography and my personality. If you don’t it would be like being stuck in an elevator with the most obnoxious person you can imagine and nobody wants you to feel that way on your wedding day. I like to have couples feel as though I am a friend that just happens to have a camera while I am attending their wedding. I have heard that several times and it always leaves me with such joy because I invest so much love and attention to each couples special day.

Let’s chat! Send me a message & we will set up a time to chat about your relationship, wedding vision, & your must haves/wants for your wedding photography.

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