Billings, MT
Tabby Miller
Photographer for Adventurous couples who are madly in love! Montana + Worldwide
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Willing to travel ‧ Print rights offered ‧ Liability insurance ‧ Complimentary consultations ‧ Licensed by the State of MT ‧ Payment plan option ‧ Contract required ‧ Deposit required

I’m Tabby! Love is the most important thing in the world to me! I am a wedding photographer and I photograph adventurous couples who are wildly in love! My current residence is in Billings, Montana, but I LOVE traveling every chance I can!!! I would love to come to you or discover somewhere new with you!!! Life is supposed to be an adventure!

On any given day or day off you will find me hanging out on the couch with my husband, Drew, watching Netflix and just enjoying each other’s company. I LOVE How I Met Your Mother and I quote it on a daily basis, so don’t be surprised if I find someway to tie HIMYM to real life events! We are huge dog lovers! We have two big dogs (Gunner and Koda) and one little one (Diesel) and we are constantly cleaning up dog hair (it’s a good thing they’re cute!). I call the mountains my home! There is nothing like camping somewhere with a great view of the mountains!

What I’m Known for:
Peacock everything, using exclamation marks everywhere, coffee, messy/curly hair, my love for dogs, my laugh, my bunny Harlow, a good glass(or bottle) of Oregon Pinot Noir or a twisted tea, and my obsessions over How I Met Your Mother and The Office.

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2702 2nd Ave N, Billings, Montana 59101
Here are frequently asked questions. Contact me for additional questions you may have.
Should I have a second shooter/photographer?

If your wedding is less than 100 people I usually say that it isn’t necessary, but this doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have one! Second shooters are great and if you would like as many photos at as many angles as possible I DEFINITELY thing you should have one!
My main second shooter’s name is Andrea and I have taught her myself how to shoot to fit my style and to capture everything without having to ask!

Do I get my photos so I can print them myself?

YES! You absolutely will receive the right to print your own photos! Keep in mind that those cheaper options for printing won’t do your photos justice! If you want the color and quality to be right I am more than willing to print your photos for you!

Should I get a wedding photo album?

I DEFINITELY think you need a wedding album! You are spending the money to get photos taken of a very important day, so why not get an album showcasing your amazing day? There are so many options for albums/books! You can get a very high quality album that will last forever(quality is important!) or you can go with a book witch is a less expensive option! I am more than happy to walk you through the whole process and I have some of the best printing companies for these options!

How many hours should I have for photography coverage?

I recommend 8 hours! If you go with less hours you might have to leave a few things out unfortunately. Usually more than 8 hours is really unnecessary unless you have a large wedding, bridal party and/or family! This is something that is best to discuss with your photographer and I am more than willing to help!

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