Bozeman, MT
Mustard Seed Coaching & Mediation Christine Couch
Christine is a brainstorming, troubleshooting, strategic intervention-get unstuck, feircely committed relationship coach.
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We all dream of what life will be like after we get married. We don’t imagine how challenging it might be because, well, we’re in love! When I got married, I realized marriage would be hard, but had no idea of HOW hard! I had no idea that my approach to conflict wasn’t healthy. In fact, I would confess it was unintentionally destructive and dysfunctional, but it was what I knew and had observed growing up. We tend to model what we know. Frustrated, I needed help with communication, with how I approached conflict and my spouse, expectations of him, etc…..

In 2006, I started pursuing study in all things relationship, peacemaking, communication, marriage, strategic intervention and ultimately decided to enroll in 2 separate coaching schools studying formally for 2 years with Martha Bech Institute and Robbins-Madanes Training respectively. I have trained in Christian mediation and conciliation as well through the years, though I prefer to be on the pro-active side of conflict helping people shift their thinking and loading their toolboxes to optimize their relationships, so they don’t land in mediation.

I can testify that these tools work! My husband Mike and I have been married 21 years and I can tell you at year 21′ our marriage is a happy one. It just gets better and better. I have seen people who were hopeless and not wearing their rings, put rings back on and turn everything around. I have seen women who were ready to walk have a radical shift in just weeks. Working through all the hard stuff that marriage will throw at you is SO worth it!

Coaching sessions are custom, flexible and dynamic because each person is unique as are their relationship challenges. My goal is to ‘teach my clients to fish instead of just handing them a fish’. I offer in-person appointments at my office here in Bozeman, Montana, but also offer Zoom appointments for distance clients.

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