Montana Outlaw BBQ
Because meat smoked this good should be outlawed!™
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We are the Hamilton family – Montanans born and raised. We are a competitive BBQ team, makers of BBQ rubs, and the guys behind BBQ Hero.

We started doing BBQ competitions in the early 2000’s. The first competition we went to was in Worland, Wyoming. We loaded up everything in a stock trailer and looked like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling into town. A couple of years ago we decided to make Montana Outlaw BBQ rubs. It took several trials and errors to get the perfect blends, but none of our friends ever complained about being taste testers.

We want to share the love of cooking and get people together to eat. We hope to guide you in your cooking adventures, we’ll focus on barbecuing, of course, but we’ll look at all different kinds of grilling and smoking. We’d like to help inspire others to have success on the barbecue trail, or just in the backyard. Gather with your friends and family around really good food, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

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Do you offer full-service catering?

After many years on the competition circuit, we have mastered the art of World Class BBQ and presentation. Let us bring the best BBQ in Montana to you for your important event. We’re available to cater all occasions, including weddings, corporate gatherings, graduations, and private parties. We offer several options for catering, so you can find exactly what fits YOUR needs.

What other catering services do you offer?

Let them think you made all that delicious smoked meat. When you don’t need a fully catered meal, but still want the best BBQ in Montana, you can order our pre-smoked meats. We use high quality meat, ingredients and our pitmaster know-how to smoke meat for you and your guests. Meats can be ordered hot for immediate consumption, or cold for reheating later.

Do you provide hands-on cooking classes for bachelor parties?

If you’re interested in learning how to smoke or grill meat – we can teach you! Whether your group is novice or pro (or anywhere in between), let us host a class for you. Classes are great for company gatherings, bachelor parties, or competition BBQ prep.

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