Kalispell, MT
Kelly Kirksey
The fun wedding photographer!
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Willing to travel ‧ Print rights offered ‧ On-site day-of coordination ‧ Liability insurance ‧ Custom design ‧ Complimentary consultations ‧ Payment plan option ‧ Contract required ‧ Deposit required
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You may be asking yourself, why does a photographer want me to know about her? Isn’t this about us? And the answer is absolutely!


You’ll spend most of your day with your new spouse and your photographer. It’s important that we connect so that on picture day everything goes smooth and we have the best possible experience together.

About Kelly
1. I’m a Disney Nerd. If you’re reading this and you’re a Disney nut like I am, then I have to be your photographer. You really can just stop here, and contact me right now. We are right for each other. 😉

2. If you are not a Disney fan, we can still work together because I firmly believe I can convert you.

3. I’m addicted to weddings. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I love serving my couples and making them top priority in my life.

4. Did I mention i’m a Disney addict. I wear mickey ears when i edit sometimes. every vacation we take is Disney related. If you love Disney, we are mean’t to be.

5. I’m a foodie. Seriously I will hound you to get a good caterer.

6. I LOVE to travel and be around other cultures. While traveling I fell in love with people from Japan, India, England, Korea, etc. One of my biggest dreams is to photograph an Indian wedding!

7. Sarcasm is a love language, I don’t care who says it’s not. i am very rarely serious and often say the wrong thing at the wrong time. i laugh inappropriately often.

8. Making people laugh is my favorite.

9. Giving you photos that will make you cry is my hope!

10. Giving you the best experience possible is my promise.

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