Helena, MT
Jess Powell
Hey all! I'm a wife to the best husband of almost 12 years! A mother to two boys and a German Short Haired Pointer all who keep me on my toes! Coffee keeps me alive these days and a lover of all things Thai food! Mountains are my happy place.
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I’m Montana elopement and intimate wedding photographer based out of Helena. It’s the perfect central location for Glacier elopements, local weddings or for weddings in places like Bozeman. I love this state and am so thankful that I get to capture your most important memories here. I love candid moments, genuine reactions and emotions, and adventure. No prom posing here! Instead you will be prompted to create images that capture who you both truly are together. During your big day, I won’t just capture the memories, but I will be there to guide and help you with anything you need. Marriage is something that I love and wouldn’t give up for the world. I believe that it is everlasting and I love watching marriages grow throughout time. I will help you remember your big day when you look back after you’ve forgotten about all the little details and instantly be taken back to that special day. I love elopements and small intimate weddings because it helps put the focus on the couple rather than the guests. I believe this day should be about you and your start to something bigger and greater.

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