Holistic Hairdresser
Bohemian Hairdresser & Wedding Day Yoga Instructor
Minimum Price

Tandi has been involved in the wedding industry since 2012. With years of behind-the-scenes experience and cultivating her own signature styling, she’s mastered the bohemian look for brides. Brides that want their hair to look effortless, like nature took a part in assembling their crown chakra on their wedding day, should consider booking a holistic hair bridal experience in Montana!

Tandi and her small family are able to travel all of greater Montana to your wedding venue.

Taking the “getting ready” scene a step further, Tandi offers “Wedding Day Yoga” before all the hair and makeup shenanigans.

“I’ve done wedding hair long enough to witness the level of insanity that transpires before the dress goes on. It shouldn’t be this way. I reject that. I visualize reinventing the wedding day experience for a happier, healthier bride and her circle.”

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