Natalie Onacki
I'm Nat! I absolutely love creating and being part of experiences for others and giving spaces for people to truly connect!

Why Grain and Grove?

1. I can be the Grain (one of the vendors) for your Grove (your big day or special event)
2. Literally Grain makes alcohol then it provides to a Grove
3. This is the Grain (Stepping stone, support system) to my Grove (Non profit/Retreat space) its helping me build my dream to better support others

We are also a company that gives back 5% of each sale goes back to my nonprofit which provides mental health and holistic support to communities!

I have been in the industry for 15 years now! I’ve literally done it all and have also worked in corporate settings so I bring a fun but also professional and detail-orientated service to all my clients!

1. Mobile Bar – we created a mobile western saloon out of an old horse trailer and we have the best bartenders! We can customize anything and tailor to your specific needs. We also have a bunch of fun add-ons if you’d like more like a boho lounge area and champagne toast wall. All packages include

– Liquor and general liability insurance
– Menu Planning and Quantity Planning
– Mixers, garnishes, ice, drink storage
– TIPS bartenders
– Venue Logistics
– Infused water station
– Set up, and break down with 5 hours of event time
– Glassware
– 1 fun game!

2. Boho Picnics – these are great for bachelorettes, date nights and small parties! We set up, bring the food and drinks to an area of your choice (We have suggested ones if you would like) We work with all local businesses to source food and more! We do anything from:

– a wellness picnic with IV’s, juices, breathwork/meditation, and a healthy meal
– a brunch/lunch or dinner
– A coursed-out meal for that really special event or dinner night

3. Officiating – I help to understand you as a couple and then bring you two together!

Here are some FAQ's! Contact us if you have more
Do you provide the alcohol or do we?

Right now we are working on a liquor license/all beverage license so clients provide the alcohol!

Do you travel out of the valley?

We sure do, there are some travel costs associated depending on the location

How much alcohol do we buy and from where??

I get this a lot – I help you plan out how much alcohol to buy. I am currently working on getting a wholesale account so I can help clients with pricing. But for now many clients go to costco or buy over time as they grocery shop

Please note the specific company name of the vendor you'd like to reach, this is how we get you in contact with the correct vendor!

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