Farmer Meets Foodie
Serving up a true taste of Montanan cuisine, for the couple who wants rave-worthy food that your guests will appreciate long after your reception.
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Amenities & Offerings
Customizeable food options ‧ Contract required ‧ Deposit required
Services & Offerings
Willing to travel ‧ Onsite servers & clean up ‧ Payment plan option ‧ Contract required ‧ Deposit required
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Hello there!

We exist to give you a phenomenal meal experience at your wedding. We offer full-service farm-to-table style catering all over the state of Montana and our flavors showcase the beautiful landscape that we get to call home. Whether you are interested in choosing one of our sample menus or fully customizing your own foodie experience, we are here to support you in the process.

Contact Information
Here are frequently asked questions. Please contact us for additional questions you may have.
How much do you charge per person?

Pricing is based on your guest count, menu, additional services, and the location of your wedding. Please inquire with us so we can build a quote specifically for you. (In general, plan for a minimum of 6,000)

Do you provide dishes?

Yes we do have dish rental options available both for melamine and biodegradable disposable dish ware.

What types of your ingredients are local?

We source ingredients from over 30 Montana producers. An example of some of our local/organic ingredients includes beef, pork, ancient grains, lentils, oats, garbanzo beans, flour, painted mountain corn, potatoes, root vegetables, cheese, milk, cream, goat cheese, and fruit.

Are your ingredients organic?

We do prioritize organically grown ingredients as much as possible. Typically about 90% of the ingredients we purchase are certified organic.

Please note the specific company name of the vendor you'd like to reach, this is how we get you in contact with the correct vendor!

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