Missoula, MT
Dennis Webber
A Missoula based documentary style wedding photographer focused on you and nobody else.
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First and foremost – CONGRATULATIONS! Being in love is the best feeling in the entire world, and I’m so excited for you.

The thing I love most about shooting weddings is the people I get to meet in the process. Every wedding is unique and fun and I want to capture that for you. My entire philosophy around shooting weddings is with you in mind. There are so so many photographers to choose from, and I don’t envy your selection process. So why consider me? Alexa, start the bulleted list!

– It’s about you. Nobody else. You and your partner are, hands down, the reason I enjoy shooting weddings. The nuance of a wedding is what makes it so great. The little quirks that made you fall in love with each other, captured. It’s not about my ego, or my portfolio, or my schedule.

-I’m experienced. Weddings are no joke. There are no do overs, high stress moments, and lots of people to interact with. I’ve shot enough weddings to know what to do, what not to do, and how to help people feel comfortable in the moment. Not to mention the backup gear, oh boy the backup gear.

-My personality. Is this point about how great I am? Not at all. This point is about the fact that personally connecting with your photographer is one of the MOST important aspects of booking your wedding photographer. If you can’t be yourself on your wedding day because you’re not clicking with your photographer and they spend all day with you – is that an experience you want to have? Nah. I like to think I’m a generally likeable person, but this bullet point is exactly why I want to meet with every client I work with before they consider booking me – IRL or on zoom – Because if you don’t enjoy connecting with me as a person, I don’t want to shoot your wedding and you don’t want me to.

I’m ready to chat if you’re ready to chat. Shoot me a message on here and let me know how you’d like to meet, or head over to my website at http://www.denniswebber.com and we’ll connect there. Thanks a ton!

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