Alex Winnings
Hi I'm Alex but my friends call me Alle! My goal is to capture real, un-cut love stories that will be cherished and passed down for decades to come.
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Willing to travel ‧ Print rights offered ‧ Liability insurance ‧ Complimentary consultations ‧ Payment plan option ‧ Contract required ‧ Deposit required
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I always like to tell my clients that there is nothing that will ever replace photographs. Photographs are visual pieces of time that you can physically hold onto forever. That being said, film gives you the opportunity to relive your day in motion!

My personality is laid back, but my soul is creative. I want to help you create a piece of artwork that you will forever hold dearly and want to show off to the world! I curate your photos and film to represent you and your partner, and that’s the most important aspect of it all!

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