Billings, MT
Brianna Varner
Hi there! I'm Bri! I have been a professional photographer for 2 years and love capturing life's biggest moments while serving the most wonderful people! I am located in Billings but am always up for an adventure! I can't wait to chat with you!!
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I found a love for photography in middle school that stuck through high school and college, and was something my Grandma and I bonded over.

When my Grandma passed away, a week before Christmas during my freshman year of college, the thing that impacted me the most, was going through all of our photographs. The ones that she had taken and that she was in. It was all at once beautiful AND heart-breakingly painful. We could see her smile. Hear her laugh. Her hugs that were like no other. The times she took us garage-saleing and all the birthday dinners. She captured moments that brought back memories I didn’t even remember that I had until I saw those images. And it was in those moments, that photography really solidified it’s place in my heart.

Though I love taking beautiful pictures, my purpose is more than just that. I love people! For me, people and relationships will come before pictures EVERY time. I want to treat the people I serve with dignity and respect. I want to build a relationship with my clients that lasts far beyond the wedding day or senior portraits.

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