Billings, MT
Alyssa Biddle
I am a twenty-something year old and mama of three perfect princesses. When I'm not taking pictures or running after my girls I am snuggling my 6' 4", hunky husband, who SWEARS the 18" height difference doesn't bother him.
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Ever since I can remember I have loved fairytales. The princesses, the dashing prince but most importantly the happily ever after. I’m still a fairytale nerd! I love reading classic love stories like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre or rewrites of my favorites from when I was a child, like Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

I think that’s why I love weddings so much! It’s seriously gorgeous princesses and princes celebrating their happily ever afters!

I will never tire of seeing the way a groom looks at his bride the first time he see her on the wedding day. I will never get sick of the bride slipping on her dress, knowing she will soon be married to the man of her dreams. I will most definitely not get sick of seeing that first kiss as husband and wife! ❤️

Because all this is so important to me I will never stop doing my absolute BEST on a wedding day to make sure every single detail is remembered! From the perfume she wore, to the cuff links his father passed down to him, to the last dance of the night.

I’m not just your photographer for your wedding day. I’m there to make sure you remember the beginning of your happily ever after, forever.

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