Billings, MT
Maureen Maxwell
Hello and Congratulations! My name is Maureen, a born and raised, Montana native residing in Billings.
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BeautyCounter is the leader of clean beauty offering safer products for women and men including skincare, body care and makeup. We’ve banned over 1,800+ harmful or questionable ingredients from our products with responsibly sourced ingredients that have been rigorously tested to produce effective, high quality products. We our committed to this standard and have coined our Never List of these ingredients.

As a consultant I was shocked to learn there are only 30 banned ingredients while Canada has banned over 600 and Europe has banned over 1,400. One of my favorite parts about the company is advocating for change in the industry for better regulations and transparency. Beautycounter has been successful at impacting legislation for personal care and cosmetics in the state of California and Hawaii since I’ve joyed the company. It’s been exciting and rewarding to see the change, and how our clients and members are making that change. When you shop with Beautycounter you are making an impact for change.

As a special thank you all brides and grooms receive a free consultation and gift from me to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Cheers to a healthier beautiful life of full love and happiness!

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