10 • 8 • 22 // Joliet, MT

Autumn. Weddings. Enough said, amirite? There is something so romantic about tying the knot when the leaves are changing, and that memorable Montana chill enters the air! Known for its earthy color schemes and captivating floral arrangements, fall time in the Big Sky state is the perfect time for a celebration of love.

Kendra & Rory hosted their big day at The Cottonwood Resort & Equine Center in Joliet, MT! Known for hosting a variety of Montana events including corporate events, family reunions, retreats, and of course, weddings, this western-inspired venue is absolutely beautiful! Located on a stunning Montana ranch, The Cottonwood Resort comfortably sleeps up to 16 people with a “right at home” feel!

We provide comfortable, authentic Montana experiences where lifelong memories are made through personable services, creative spaces, and tailormade experiences.

The Cottonwood Resort & Equine Center

Featuring stunning fall-inspired florals, a classy black & beige color scheme, and an undeniably western feel, Kendra & Rory’s big day was captured in full by Rayne Idland Photography! While she is based in Miles City, Rayne travels all over Montana to freeze weddings, elopements, and engagements in time. As a lover of motion, she is passionate about taking photos that perfectly portray the connection between two lovebirds! Not only did Rayne Idland get those perfect “aesthetic” photos of Kendra & Rory’s big day, but she made sure to capture all of the joy and authentic emotion that mattered most.

The perfect October day. Full of love, laughter, green beer & an awesome reception! Kendra & Rory’s day had a huge wedding party that loved them beyond words. The amount of friends and family who were in attendance you could just feel the love. The reception was a PARTY! I wish I could explain to you how much fun this day was. Kendra & Rory’s love is so obvious it can be felt for miles. So thankful to have been a part of this day!

Rayne Idland


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