Pass the mimosas, girl, cause we’ve gotta talk about brunch weddings! There is no denying that traditional dinner-party weddings are lovely, but let us just say, there is something about a beautiful brunch wedding that makes our hearts skip a beat. Known for bright decor, delicious breakfast-inspired bites, and of course, eccentric wardrobes, brunch weddings totally don’t get the hype that they deserve.

Have you been planning a traditional wedding that just doesn’t have enough oomph? We’re here to save the day! It’s not too late to change plans and host the brunch wedding of your dreams. Need some inspiration? Boy, oh boy, do we have some of that for you! 😉

Brunch Wedding Decor, Stationery, and Invites:

Three words; bright, bold, and BEAUTIFUL!

When it comes to planning the perfect brunch wedding that not only speaks to you and your partner but will wow your guests, your options are endless! Typically featuring a bold floral design and a vibrant color palette, the result of any brunch wedding reception is bound to be magical. From custom wedding signage to adventurous centerpieces, and even champagne-inspired wedding invitations, any brunch wedding has the possibility of being the most heartfelt and wonderful day of your dreams!

Brunch Wedding Desserts, Appetizers, and Cocktails!


People always say that you should eat your meal before dessert. But we like things a little different around here! With desserts like these, how can we say no?

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first!

Ernestine Ulmer

There is no denying that a traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. This being said, it’s fun to switch things up every once in a while! From donut bars to waffles, and even Raspberry Cheesecake buns (um, hello? 😍), we totally think that brunch weddings take the cake for best day-of desserts (pun intended). 😂

Appetizers & Hors D’Oeuvres:

While we are in full support of #dessertfirst, make sure to save room for some delicious brunch-inspired appetizers & hors d’oeuvres.. Who doesn’t love breakfast and lunch foods? We guarantee your guests will be thanking you for this light, refreshing, and yummy lineup!

So what’s on the menu? Our mouth is watering for brunch-style frittatas, smoked salmon/cream cheese bagels, and beautifully designed grazing boards (duh)! 🤤

Plus, did we mention that you can get decorative with your appetizers? Make sure to pick up a beautiful wooden cheese board that you can get customized with your new last name for the big day!

Beverages & Cocktails:

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better… brunch-inspired beverages and cocktails! #yesplease

There is nothing that keeps you and your guests quite as refreshed as a good cocktail, amirite? Signature cocktails are another wonderful way to show some personality during your wedding day. A set of delicious drinks helps set the tone for your big day, and in our opinion, can be just as important as your decor and food!

What’s our pick? You can never go wrong with a good mimosa or a brightly decorated rosé bar. A Lemon Raspberry Mimosa, you say? Keep ’em coming!

Brunch Wedding Favors:

Your brunch wedding is going to be just as special as the connection between you and your other half. Make sure your guests will have something that will act as a reflection of you beyond your wedding day!

Wedding favors have actually been a long-standing tradition worldwide. Initially, they were small items given to guests that symbolized well wishes for the future. Of course, these days they have become a little more modern! But nonetheless, the entire concept behind wishing your guests the best for their days ahead is kind of nice when they have just put in some sort of effort to congratulate your happiness.

Another advantage of wedding favors is that it’s a memory of your big day! Come up with something that represents you and your partner so that when your guests look at it they will remember how much fun they had.

I Am Poppy Designs

So what conveys love for Montana, but also speaks to the vibe of a casual brunch wedding? Custom Labeled Huckleberry Jam and Honey Bear Wedding Favors are at the top of our list!

Brunch Wedding Wardrobe

Bridal Gowns & Accessories:

Brunch weddings are typically much more casual than a traditional wedding; this being said, that doesn’t mean that your bridal gown has to pay the price. We don’t know about you, but when we think about brunch weddings, we imagine free-spirited short and tea-length dresses featuring satin and tulle to boot! Just imagine – robust tulle sleeves with a free-flowing skirt, and of course, beautiful pearl accents to tie the entire look together. Simply ethereal!

Menswear & Accessories for the Groom:

There is nothing more dapper than a groom in a black and white suit, but that can often be read as too dressy for a brunch wedding. Opting for a nice blue or khaki groom’s suit is a great way to offer a refined, yet casual look! Have your groom toss on a fun tie and any leather accessories he is taken by, and let the magic unfold!

We have been loving the outfit ideas presented in “31 Coolest Ways to Pull Off Informal Groom Attire” written by Irina with Weddingomania! As they put it,

While brides have so many options for their wedding day from sexy sheath gowns to princess-like dresses, for grooms it seems like there’s only one option to wear a classic black tie. Well, let’s not just limit our men with only one type of attire, because there are so much more ways to incorporate other style ideas and make them feel stylish and dapper. Some of the guys will definitely appreciate a casual approach to groom attire or relaxed, laid-back fashion. Today’s gallery will assure you that informal style is a great idea and inspire you with the coolest ways to pull it off. Take a look and think over putting that tux away!

31 Coolest Ways to Pull Off Informal Groom Attire – Weddingomania

Bridal Party:

When it comes to choosing the perfect bridal party outfits for a brunch wedding, it’s all about the pastels! From heavenly shades of light blue to more adventurous patterns, these pastel bridesmaid gowns bring a light and refreshing vibe to any wedding. A new trend that we are totally here for is mismatched florals in varying colors!

We know how Miranda Priestly feels about florals for spring—but floral bridesmaid dresses are actually pretty groundbreaking. Patterned looks are a fun alternative to solid-colored gowns. And because there are so many unique designs on the market, floral prints will always look fresh. In fact, there’s such a wide variety of options, botanical bridesmaid attire can work for any season.

Monica Mercuri

Looking for some fun floral bridesmaid gowns for your go-to gals? Check out The Knot’s fun blog post, “25 Floral Bridesmaid Dresses for 2022 Weddings“!

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