There is nothing quite as special as spending quality time with your spouse once all wedding-related preparation has passed. Honeymoons allow newlyweds the chance to make their first unforgettable moments together as a married couple, and set the stage for all of the wonderful memories to come! Many couples have dreamed about embarking on Instagram-worthy tropical honeymoons, however, who says that you need to leave Montana to have a wonderful honeymoon? In fact, isn’t the whole point of a honeymoon to spend time with your life partner anyways? Luckily, here in the Big Sky State, no lack of incredible destinations will make for a truly one-of-a-kind getaway for any newlyweds.

Whether you head towards the dramatic peaks of the northwest or head east to spend time amongst the beautiful flatlands and rolling hills that Montana is known for, there are beautiful destinations statewide that will offer you and your partner the experience of a lifetime. From unique treehouses to upscale hotels, and even glamping, there is no lack of retreats that will ensure that you are able to disconnect from the outside world with your soulmate! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Montana Treehouse Retreat

When it comes to planning the honeymoon that you’ve always dreamed of, having undisturbed alone time with your person is so incredibly important. This being said, what would possibly be more perfect than a rustic treehouse in the wilderness? Owned by Kati and Darin Robison, both fourth-generation Montanans, the Montana Treehouse Retreat was built by and featured on The Treehouse Guys from the DIY Network in 2016! Featuring fully plumbed bathrooms, heating, and air conditioning, this one-of-a-kind treehouse would be the perfect escape for you and your other half.

Kati and Darin are passionate about offering a unique and unforgettable experience. Based in the Flathead Valley, near Glacier National Park, this destination is surrounded by an array of attractions. Just 10 minutes from the Glacier International Aiport, and 15 minutes to the top of the Whitefish Mountain Resort, the beauty of Montana’s vast landscapes will truly be at your fingertips!

2. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort

Discovered and named after Irish immigrant and miner, Martin Quinn, Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort was first discovered in the early 1880s. Martin, having a keen interest in this location, built a residence, bathhouses, and sleeping accommodations surrounding the springs. Now, more than 140 years later, Quinn’s Hot Springs continues to bring joy to couples and families throughout the nation. Set amongst some of Montana’s most rugged and beautiful landscapes, this distinct resort is passionate about offering its guests an unparalleled experience.

Based in Paradise, MT, Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort is truly what the name of this town suggests, paradise! Featuring five 100% natural flow hot springs pools, Quinn’s is known as one of the most wonderful locations to unwind. With on-site lodges and a variety of cabins featuring stunning mountain views, you can spend your honeymoon right next to your partner – soaking up the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

3. ROAM Beyond

If you are from Montana, we are sure you are aware of how deeply camping is intertwined with our outdoor-forward culture! In fact, 20 of Montana’s 55 state parks have over 500 campsites available for rent, and that is not even counting dispersed camps! If you and your partner have always had a passion for spending time in the outdoors, consider renting a trailer with ROAM Beyond for your nature-inspired getaway.

From intimate ceremonies to full-scale weddings, and romantic honeymoons, ROAM Beyond is a one-of-a-kind destination for any lovebirds. With panoramic views of the Swan Range, ROAM caters to couples who value sustainability and have been searching for travel destinations that do not negatively impact our fragile environment! As they put it, “ROAM Beyond strives to meet the demands of glamping by providing sustainable and socially conscious travel experiences with refined off-the-grid lodging. ROAM Beyond is passionate about helping people connect to nature.” What a perfect location for any newlyweds that are inspired by the outdoors!

4. Bohdi Farms

As previously mentioned, Montana is a hub for camping. This being said, if you really want to become one with nature, spending your honeymoon glamping might just be perfect for you! Bohdi Farms, a Cheers MT venue based in Bozeman, MT, is proud to offer 9 innovative nordic glamping tipis, that are just perfect for the intimate honeymoon that you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, this unique venue was just named one of the top glamping resorts in the USA! Wow!

Bohdi Farms is a wedding, elopement, and glamping venue that values exceptional service, integrity, and an undying passion for the outdoors. To make your stay more enjoyable, Bohdi Farms offers luxe tipi restrooms, nightly campfires, and onsite dining. To make your vacation truly unique, this destination is surrounded by a variety of fun outdoor attractions including fly fishing, white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. Talk about an adventure-filled honeymoon!

5. The Firebrand Hotel

The Firebrand Hotel is an all-encompassing destination for adventurers, foodies, art explorers, and everything in between. If you are looking for an upscale location to get in some much-needed quality time with your partner, this special venue is definitely worth your consideration. Located in Whitefish, MT, the Firebrand is conveniently surrounded by an array of attractions that will surely keep you on your toes. From local farmer’s markets, art fairs, and theater productions to over 600 miles of trails leading to Glacier National Park, we are sure that this unique hotel will allow you and your partner to enjoy your honeymoon to its fullest extent.

In addition to the wonderful location of The Firebrand Hotel, this unique establishment features a rooftop patio, rooftop hot tub, coffee bar, yoga classes, bicycle use, and even private dining. With an evergrowing list of outdoor adventures, local attractions, hotel-based amenities, and events, we are sure that The Firebrand Hotel will offer you the honeymoon experience of a lifetime.

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