Fergus County Fairgrounds, Lewistown MT – June 11th, 2022

There is something so special about spring weddings. From dreamy pastel color palettes to the lush scenery, springtime is one of the most lovely seasons to be wed under the big skies of Montana! There is nothing we love more than celebrating the connection between Montana-based lovebirds, and as such, we are humbled at the opportunity to share Aubrey & Wyatt’s one-of-a-kind spring wedding.

Photographed by Cheers MT Vendor, Caitlyn Lane Weddings, Aubrey & Wyatt’s big day boasted a wonderful light and airy theme. Based in Billings, MT, Caitlyn is a photographer that will give her all to provide stunning images that each and every couple will cherish from the moment they say “I Do”! As she puts it,

I have always had a draw to photography and love that a moment captured can never be forgotten, every picture brings back a memory of family, togetherness, and sometimes craziness! I crave adventure and the Montana scenery and would love to travel to get the perfect shot for you.

Caitlyn Lane, MT Wedding Photographer

Their Love Story Begins

Did you know that only 2% of marriages are the result of high school relationships? There is nothing sweeter than finding your soulmate and your first love all in one go. Lucky for this couple, however, their connection was written in the stars!

Aubrey and Wyatt first met at a youth group in the 7th grade. After being friends for several years, they became official in their sophomore year of high school! They’ve stood alongside each other ever since. In fact, this sweet couple even made long-distance work while Aubrey attended nursing school in Butte, and Wyatt attended lineman school in Bismarck, ND!

Their Proposal Story

One perfect night, the couple was out camping on Aubrey’s family’s land in Lewiston, MT. Aubrey and Wyatt used four-wheelers to visit one of their favorite spots on top of the hill to catch a glimpse of the stunning scenery and sunset surrounding them. After admiring the view, they decided to head back down to the campsite!

After we got back to the campsite Wyatt wanted to take his pickup back to the top of the hill to take some pictures of it. This is a common occurnence if you know Wyatt, as he loves taking pictures of his pickup! Of course I wasnt jumping with joy to drive up there again for some silly pickup pictures, but Wyatt begged me to go with him. Little did I know once we parked and walked out into the middle of the field that he had secretly set up a camera and proposed to me.

Aubrey Wiese • Bride

Wyatt had carried Aubrey’s ring around for months, waiting for that perfect moment to pop the big question. How romantic!

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The Bride

Dressed in a beautiful lace gown from Step’n Out, a Cheers MT Bridal Boutique, Aubrey was such a stunning bride. There was something so ethereal about her soft wedding glam! With flushed cheeks and a pink nude lip, Aubrey’s bridal look perfectly showcased her effortlessly natural beauty.

The Bridal Party

At their wedding, Aubrey and Wyatt were surrounded by their closest friends, family, and loved ones. Having a strong support system next to you as you tie the knot is one of the most impactful moments of the wedding day, and this couple was lucky to have just that.

When it comes to coordinating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, the color palette can truly make a huge difference! For the Wiese wedding, each bridesmaid was dressed in a lovely array of pastel pinks and reds, and the groomsmen sported memorable jewel-toned blue suits. The combination of these shades made this spring-inspired celebration stand out!

The Details

From the #swoonworthy color palette to the springtime wedding decor, and the diamonds (obviously), the Wiese wedding was a huge hit. Did we mention that all of the florals featured in the beautiful celebration were handmade by the bride and her mother? Beautiful!

The Ceremony

Hosted at the Fergus County Fairgrounds, in Lewistown, MT, the Wiese wedding featured a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The Fergus Country Fairgrounds is a popular venue hosting an array of fun-filled events annually. With access to a beautiful outdoor picnic area and an indoor trade center, this unique location is perfect for getting hitched.

To symbolize the deep connection between Aubrey and Wyatt, they performed a sentimental Unity Sand Ceremony. This couple both poured the contents of their individual vessels into a third, larger vase. As they combined the sand in each of their vases, they brought imagery to the process of two souls being unified for life. Beautiful!

While their ceremony was undeniably perfect, there was one small (and hilarious) roadblock:

We had to pretended to sign our marraige license during our ceremony because we forgot that we needed a pen… Let me tell you, it was extremly hard to keep our composure signing the license with an “invisable” pen that Wyatt pulled out of his pocket. Most people, including our families, didn’t even realize that we weren’t actually signing it until we joked about it at the reception!

Aubrey Wiese • Bride

The Reception

After the ceremony, Aubrey and Wyatt headed off to their reception to celebrate being officially labeled as Mr. and Mrs. Wiese (after they actually signed the marriage license, of course! 😉). When it comes to wedding day decor, everything about Aubrey and Wyatt’s wedding was picture perfect.

My father, Ken Braun, made my dreams come true for my wedding. For the past year my dad had planned and handmade all of our decorations for our wedding. He even made a chandelier of lights to be hung above our dancefloor!

Aubrey Wiese • Bride

Aubrey and Wyatt spent hours laughing, singing, and dancing the night away. Is there really anything better than celebrating your new marriage surrounded by those you love? We sure don’t think so!

In addition to the beautiful decor of this lovely spring wedding, this couple was able to incorporate some moments that were sentimental to them personally. For example:

Wyatt’s father has an old red MG car. Wyatt and I take it out for a drive every time we visit his dad in Malta, as it is definitely our favorite joy ride! His father brought it to Lewistown for our wedding. We were able to take our weddig pictures with it, and even leave our reception in it under a tunnel of sparklers. It was one of our favorite memories.

Aubrey Wiese • Bride
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Congratulations on tying the knot, Aubrey & Wyatt. We are wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!


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