If there’s one thing that all couples want, it’s to plan a wedding that’s unlike any other. After all, no one wants to follow the same formula of “walk down the aisle to Canon in D, be showered with rice, and slow dance to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri”. It’s totally understandable that you’d want your wedding to stand out.

Fortunately for you, if you’re planning your wedding, we’ve put together a couple of tips to make your big day worth talking about for ages. 

1. Stick to the Season

One way to get your wedding stand out is to plan it around the season you’re going to get married. That way, you can plan after-party fun that’s “season-appropriate”, and give your guest something to remember. 

Saying your “I dos” in the spring? Spring flowers are a great way to add seasonal style to your wedding. Similarly, if your wedding is in the summer, that’s the perfect time to get married in the great outdoors (in the mountains, maybe?). Getting wed in the winter? Tell your guests to come in winter-themed clothing — that’s something you won’t be able to do in any other season!

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2. Pamper Your Party

Do you want your bridesmaids to put your wedding at the top of their “best weddings I’ve ever been in” list? Treat them to the spa day they deserve!

If you want your bridal party’s makeup to be flawless, it’s crucial for them to have a hydrated and smooth complexion. Pay for your party’s spa trip a weekend prior to your wedding, or plan a spa-themed party at home, complete with face masks, face clays, and more. Not only is it one way to bond, but it shows your bridal party that you’re thankful for them for taking the time to be there for you. 

Photography // Kelly Kirksey Photographer, Cheers MT Premier Vendor

3. Create a Custom Playlist

Your guests will be looking forward to dancing the night away, so be sure to choose the best tunes. If you can’t get a DJ, you could create a custom playlist of your guests’ favorite songs. 

When they RSVP to your invite, ask them to write down two to three of their favorite tunes (make sure it’s kid-friendly if kids are allowed at your wedding). Then, put together the songs to create a custom wedding playlist that no one else will ever have. Not only does it add an element of surprise, but it’s also one way to get everyone — even those who don’t dance — dancing in no time. 

Photography & DJ Services: 406 Memories, Cheers MT Vendor

4. Go All-Out on Guest Transportation

If you want to say your vows in the great outdoors (in a barn venue, for instance), you’re going to have to arrange transportation for your guests. Leave a lasting impression on your guests by going all-out on guest transportation. 

Don’t bore them with a basic car — surprise them with one-of-a-kind transport such as a school bus, limousine, and more. You could also choose transportation that references you and your finance’s love story.  If you first got together on prom night, you could rent a limousine that’s decked out in prom decor.

Transportation // MT Party Bus, Cheers MT Vendor • Videography // Burton Productions

5.  Set Up Food and Drink Stalls

No guests want to wait around for drinks. Your guests want to be able to choose their drinks at the bar, but unfortunately, bars aren’t always available in outdoor venues. The good news is that there are companies that run bars on wheels

These companies will set up bar stations (even coffee bars) where your guests can order whatever they want. You can even ask them to create a signature drink for your wedding — something your guests won’t be able to get anywhere else!

Aside from drinks, you can also set up food stalls so your guests will have something to eat while they wait. Go for finger foods that align with your wedding’s theme — for instance, if your theme is tropical, you could serve Pina Coladas, Mai Tai cocktails, and more.

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6. Wear Custom Wedding Jewelry

One way to make your big day memorable is by wearing bespoke pieces of wedding jewelry. Your guests probably won’t know that what you’re wearing is bespoke, but you will — and that’s what matters. It’s jewelry that you won’t wear anywhere else but on your big day, because that’s what it was designed for — to be a keepsake that you can look back on years from now.

Whatever you wear is up to you. What’s important is that you wear pieces you wouldn’t wear on any other occasion. Similar to your wedding dress, wedding veil, etc., it should be something that’s reserved for your big day. It also acts as a “souvenir” that only you have.

Handcrafted Sapphire Jewelry: Sage Creek Jewelry, Cheers MT Vendor

7. Put Up Photo Booths

Your wedding photographer won’t be able to capture every moment of your wedding, so be sure to put up photo booths in your venue. Photo booths are a must-have for every wedding, as they allow your guests to freely have fun. The best part? Your guests will be able to keep the pictures and have something to remember your big day by. 

Chances are that your photo booth company will provide props, but who says you can’t spice it up with props of your own? The props should go with your theme, such as flower crowns for a spring-themed wedding, or wide-brimmed hats for a summer wedding. 

Trailer Rental // The Candid Caravan, Cheers MT Vendor • Photography // Presley Gray Photo

8. Go Beyond the Kids’ Table

Weddings can be boring for kids, so why not create a space for them to play? Aside from setting up a kids’ table, consider closing off one section so kids can play with other kids. Buy a couple of coloring books, toys, crayons, etc., and get a babysitter to look after the kids while the grown-ups go out and “play”! Their parents will thank you. 

Best Wedding Activities for Kids – Cheers MT

9. Stick to Sparklers

Throwing rice is too traditional. Make things more magical by giving your guests sparklers. This works for weddings set in the nighttime (or in the winter), as the sparklers can light up the path as you and your partner make your way down the aisle. As a bonus, sparklers look better in pictures!

Photography // Evan and Larissa Photography, Cheers MT Vendor

Final Thoughts

With these tips, you can plan a wedding that’ll live in your guests’ memory for a long, long time. It will be so memorable that your guests will be looking to you for wedding tips when it’s their time to walk down the aisle!

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