“It’s attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.” – Francis Atterbury

There is beauty in the little things, and those little things are what matter most on your big day. If you are anything like us, you have an obsession with beautiful bridal accessories. From shoes to custom jackets, there are so many ways that you can make your wedding day uniquely yours! If you’ve been searching for some bridal accessory inspiration, follow along as we show off a few of our favorites.

1. Day-of Shoes

Although it may seem obvious, your day-of shoes are a perfect way to show off your individuality. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your shoe of choice. From boots to heels to sneakers, shoes are able to effortlessly show off your vibe, and make your big day unique! For western-inspired weddings, we are LOVING cowboy boots and booties. For celebrations with a more refined feel, we adore simple heels complete with added embellishments. Just beautiful!

📸: Kelly Kirksey Photographer • Cheers MT Premier Vendor

2. Jewelry

A wedding is not a wedding without stunning jewelry. When they say “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” they truly mean it! Wedding rings have been known for symbolizing eternal love for centuries, however, don’t feel like a ring is the only jewelry you should wear on your big day! From rings to earrings to necklaces and even bracelets, you are sure to find a combination that makes you feel like your best self! We love these jewelry detail shots from Kelly Kirksey Photographer and Chian O’Connor Photography, two Cheers MT Vendors!

📸: Kelly Kirksey Photography • Cheers MT Premier Vendor, Chian O’Connor Photography • Cheers MT Vendor

3. Hats

Where are all of our hat lovers at? Here at Cheers MT, we are obsessed with bridal hats. No matter the theme of your wedding, there are sure to be plenty of beautiful options that will accentuate your look. For our understated brides, we love a good simple hat, don’t be afraid to play around with colors and shapes. If you are the type of bride who wants to take your outfit to the next level, get funky with embellishments! Feathers, ties, and even florals are a great way to make your headwear individual to you!

📸: Tabby Miller Photography • Cheers MT Premier Vendor, Autumn Faith Photography • Cheers MT Vendor, Jen Petritz Photography • Cheers MT Vendor

4. Hair Accessories

If you are not the hat type, but would still love to bring attention to your hair design, we would highly recommend adding hair accessories! Although hair accessories are simple, they are able to add that extra touch of class to any look. We are currently loving jeweled headbands, barrettes, pins, and hair combs. What better way to dress up your outfit than with a little extra sparkle! Like what you see? We adore the work of Studio 117 Beauty, a Cheers MT stylist!

📸: Tabby Miller Photography • Cheers MT Premier Vendor, 💇‍♀️: Studio 117 Beauty • Cheers MT Vendor

Check out our talented Cheers MT hair stylists here!

5. Outerwear

The weather in Montana is known to be unpredictable. One moment it will be sunny and bright and the next it will be snowing and windy. All we know for sure, is we all need to be prepared for any fluctuation in weather! Bridal jackets are an excellent way to add a touch of individuality to any big day, while still dressing appropriately for Montana’s indecisive weather habits. There are a variety of different styles that pair perfectly with any bridal look. We are particularly fond of custom jean jackets, fur shawls, and leather jackets (bonus points if they have fringe 😉).

📸: Tabby Miller Photography • Cheers MT Premier Vendor, K Sandru Photography • Cheers MT Vendor

Check out this awesome Custom Jean Jacket here!

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