Choosing a wedding theme is a big decision. Should you opt for the detailed fairytale wedding of your dreams, or should you keep it fresh and simple? With an overwhelming number of wedding themes to consider, deciding which motif you will select can be intimidating. Don’t fret, we are here to help! Follow along as we list some of our favorite wedding themes that are both beautiful and memorable!

1. Rustic

When we think of a classic Montana wedding, rustic themes come to mind! Although there is a lot of variation among rustic weddings, most share the characteristic of being of a neutral color palette and featuring organic and/or outdoors-inspired elements. Rustic themes are highly customizable and are perfect for any bride who wants to add a western touch to their big day!

We absolutely adore this stunning rustic wedding photographed by the talented Kristen Rose Photography, a Cheers MT vendor! From its impactful western decor to its bright floral color palette, this celebration is one to remember!

2. Vintage

If you are a bride who is in awe of days gone by, consider incorporating a vintage wedding theme! Vintage wedding themes, while solely up to the interpretation of each individual bride, typically showcase charming and unique motifs from past decades!

These photos, captured by Danielle Mullens Photography, a Cheers MT Featured Vendor, showcase a few very stunning details from a vintage-inspired wedding! We love the aged gold and pearl accents featured in these photographs. What a beautiful day to remember for a lifetime!

3. Glamour

If you would like to keep your big day fresh and simple, look into a Glamour wedding theme! Glamour-inspired weddings typically feature a minimalistic color palette, but incorporate stunning details that make for an unforgettable scene!

This stunning wedding photographed by Kelly Kirksey Photography, a Cheers MT Premier vendor, is straight out of our dreams! While its color palette is bright and simple, it features stunning golden details and foliage that truly elevate its overall experience!

4. Bohemian

In our opinion, the bohemian wedding theme is perfect for our free-spirited brides. If you are someone who is deadset on having a wedding that stands out, opt for a bohemian theme. Boho weddings are known to feature both simple and bright color palettes, showcase an effortless and earthy feel, and are often heavily influenced by nature.

We are obsessed with this gorgeous boho theme photographed by Danielle Mullens Photography, a Cheers MT Featured Vendor. The warm-toned color palette and nature-inspired feel of this wedding make for an exceedingly comforting scene!

5. Dark/Moody

If you are anything like us, you are obsessed with dark and moody weddings. Perfect for the fall season, dark and moody weddings are just that – dark and moody. These ethereal weddings are something that you and your guests will surely remember for a lifetime.

These stunning images photographed by Amber Lynn Photography, are absolutely bewitching. Featuring the work of With Love Vintage Rentals, and Braidwater Weddings, both Cheers MT vendors, this beautiful theme is something straight out of a storybook!

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